Acko Car Insurance is the most trusted name in the auto insurance market. They have been providing auto insurance to thousands of customers all across the United States for over forty years. Acko’s mission is to provide customers with the highest quality insurance products and customer service, backed by a strong nationwide network. Their mission is to provide the highest quality coverage and value for money to their customers.

Auto insurance, also called general insurance or vehicle insurance, is a low-cost solution to protect your car from unforeseeable risks like theft, accidents, fire, weather, or third-party negligence. The first step in getting started is to purchase a policy. You can choose a short term policy or a long term policy from a leading auto insurance company in India. Choose your coverage wisely and save yourself time and money.

To save time, money, and effort you can easily search and compare auto and bike insurance plans using the convenience of the Internet. Searching for a quality insurer takes just minutes using a search engine. Type in a few keywords and results will emerge. These searches will give you a list of top insurers in India, their unique policies, services and packages. You can also get quotes from different Indian motor insurance companies. Some of these quotes include motorbike insurance online, general insurance online, car insurance online, and even bike insurance online.

Now that you know your vehicle type, select the type of coverage that best suits you. General auto insurance offers cover for damage, theft and third party liability. If you are only insured for theft and damage, your motor car insurance online will give you a comprehensive quote which includes both damage and theft liability. It is advised to check if the quote includes a comprehensive personal injury protection (PIP). It may not be necessary if your car is brand new or very valuable.

Check if the acko car insurance policy covers add-on coverage. Most reputed providers offer a cover add-on feature to their policy. A cover add-on is additional coverage provided in addition to the basic policy.

Now that you know the kind of policy you need, it is advisable to choose the right company. You should not consider any Indian based company if you are not sure of the company’s credibility and performance. A reputable company should have been in the auto insurance market for a long time. Ask your friends and relatives about their acko motorbike insurance policies. They may help you in choosing the best.

Ask whether the acko policy provides any comprehensive car insurance plan features such as breakdown recovery or overseas travel cover add-on cover. If the policy offers any such cover add-ons, then go in for one immediately. Breakdown recovery is extremely important if your motorbike has a faulty engine. This cover helps in recovering your motorbike in the case of a breakdown and it may not be provided with other comprehensive policies.

Overseas travel add-ons are not covered by all policies. In case you want such coverage, request a quote from your motorbike insurance policy provider. Compare the quotes to find out which one offers the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest price. It is important to note that some companies offer insurance policies in three different coverage types i.e., third party, comprehensive, and third party only.

It is always good to get a comprehensive car insurance policy that offers a comprehensive coverage and a suitable deductible. This would help in reducing your premium rates. Moreover, if there is no such a provision for deductibles in your policy, it becomes difficult to make high premium rates without making extra payments on deductibles.

The acko car insurance plan may provide additional coverage for two additional types of add-ons. These are liability coverage and collision coverage. You should know the basics of liability coverage before you opt for this policy so that you do not have to pay extra for it.

In case of natural disasters, it is helpful to choose a motor insurance plan that offers natural catastrophes coverage. It will not only cover repairs that your vehicle may need in case of a natural disaster but it also pays for other related expenses, like for hospital bills and funeral expenses. The policy provides coverage even when you are driving another vehicle. It is a good idea to buy such a plan while traveling to India because you will be required to have this coverage in most countries.