What exactly are gravel bikes? In the words of a friend of mine: “A really cool looking, super fast bike that looks like it could be ridden by the legends themselves.” Gravel bikes are very low, drop-bars that let you ride off the pavement and onto all sorts of other, more exciting dirt terrain. They are very smooth, and they’re made with aluminum instead of steel.

The reason these types of bikes are perfect for off road riding is their weight, which is considerably lower than they look. At fifteen pounds for the men and nearly seven pounds for the women, these bikes are light and very maneuverable. Because they are so light, however, they are also not as quick as you would like them to be. However, with practice and the right accessories, you can gain the upper-hand on your competition and nail down those gnarly, gnawing trails. So what are the best accessories for a gravel bike?

One of the first things you should consider investing in is a good set of mud tires. These are typically built for faster, rougher terrain, especially ones that have less surface area. Mud tires are much better for racing because they lock in the moisture, and this allows your tires to work much better with whatever kind of suspension you have on your ATV and dirt bike. It is imperative that you have a good set of mud tires for whatever type of ATV or dirt bike you will be riding, because once you start spinning your tires, they will go faster and give you a good workout no matter what your ATV’s geometry and suspension system are.

Another accessory you will definitely want to purchase is a set of off road tyres that are specifically built for gravel bikes. These tyres are shorter and typically have a flatter tread. This creates a unique type of surface that is not slippery, but rather rugged and easy to maneuver. These tyres are also designed to grip the softer surfaces that ATVs and dirt bikes typically run on.

Suspension is an important part of any ATV or Dirt Bike that is on the trails. Good gravel bike suspension will be able to handle the bumps and irregularities that often occur when you’re out on the open road. Some people prefer to upgrade their ATVs and dirt bikes with aftermarket suspensions, which can improve the agility of your ride and handle the oddities that urban areas throw at you. Other people are more concerned with keeping their wheels from getting bent out of shape or damaged, and have decided to stick with stock suspension.

The final piece of equipment you should have on your gravel bike is a comfortable and efficient helmet. There are many different helmets available for sale, so you should definitely test out a few to see which one feels most comfortable. It’s important to have a helmet that fits well, because not all helmets are built with the same level of comfort and fit. The best helmets are built to stay in place during a great deal of riding, and offer a wide and comfortable face shield to protect your head in case something unfortunate happens.

It’s important that your ATV or dirt bike tires perform no matter what kind of terrain you ride on. To ensure that your tires can cope with anything that Mother Nature throws at them, you should have a good set of adventure road and gravel bike tyres. The right tires will wear well and function properly in all kinds of weather conditions, so you won’t need to replace them too often. They’ll provide you with years of trouble free use, so they’re definitely worth the investment.

It’s important that you choose your ATV and dirt bike racks carefully as well. You want one that will hold a variety of different sized tyres, so that you can get some off road riding in your routine, and then add some gravel riding in as a little bit of a challenge. If you already own a good pair of road bike rack mounts, then this shouldn’t be much of a problem, but if you’re new to off road riding, then it’s a good idea to buy some adventure bike mounts that you can attach to your bike. This will make it much easier to transport your equipment when you’re out on the trails.