Whether you are looking for a new bike to commute to work or just to have fun, there are a variety of choices to make. Some of them are more expensive than others, and some of them are built better than others. However, regardless of your budget, there are certain things to keep in mind before you purchase a bike.


Designed to be the bridge between a cruiser and a city bike, the Bajaj Avenger comes with two versions. The first version features a 180cc engine while the second has a 200cc motor.

Both versions are powered by the same Pulsar sourced engine. It has a peak of 15.5 PS and delivers 13.7 Nm of torque. The engine also has a heel-and-toe gear shifter. It feels light on the move and manoeuvres well in tight corners.

The Avenger Cruise 220 is a new entry in the cruiser segment. It has a retuned engine and a five-speed gearbox. It is also equipped with a Tubular Double Cradle Type frame. It has a 13 litres fuel tank. It has a swept-back handlebar and a low seat height.

Build quality

Despite the fact that the Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is a repackaged version of the Avenger 180, it’s still a good ride. It’s easy to handle, boasts good mileage, and has an attractive design. However, it does not have the high-tech features of the more expensive variants.

The Avenger’s brakes are excellent, though, as are its engine. The Avenger’s clutch is not as sporty as some of its rivals, and its pass switch is unintuitive. But otherwise, the engine’s performance is a pleasant surprise.

The bike has a fairly small tank, but it’s not difficult to get the juices flowing. It also has a snazzy, albeit small, windscreen.

The Avenger’s fuel gauge is located on the fuel tank. It’s a good fit, but it doesn’t sit in a convenient location for the rider. The fuel indicator also does not appear in the riders field of vision, but that’s a minor complaint.


SRK Designs, a popular digital artist in India, has done an excellent rendering of the Avenger bike. This motorcycle has been given a complete makeover and is based on the Harley Davidson Street Bob. It has a lot of sporty parts, including wide tyres and sporty springs.

This motorcycle has been designed to make long journeys comfortable and easy. It is a classic Cruiser that comes with a 220 cc engine. It also has ultra-responsive single-channel ABS.

Bajaj Avenger has been a popular motorcycle in India for quite a while. It is manufactured by Bajaj Auto. The company has introduced two variants of the bike, the Cruise and Street. The cruiser variant has a large gear shift and a big windscreen. It also comes with an engine crash guard.


Whether you are looking for a bike to commute or to enjoy the weekend, the Bajaj Avenger bike is a great option. The bike has a low kerb weight, making it easy to maneuver across city streets. Its fuel economy is impressive as well.

Bajaj has a range of Avenger models, all of which come with a variety of features. The Avenger Street 150, for example, is an affordable bike. This bike boasts of powerful performance, as well as a stylish design. It comes with a Street Control handlebar and a telescopic front suspension with anti-friction bush.

The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is another entry-level model, which comes with a 160cc engine. The bike has a five speed gearbox and is available in two colours, red and black. It is equipped with Drum rear brakes, as well as a 130mm front drum. The bike also comes with electric start.


Purchasing a two-wheeler insurance policy can be a daunting task. The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 makes it compulsory for two-wheelers to have a valid insurance policy. Failing to comply with the law can lead to traffic fines of Rs.2000 and Rs.4,000.

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy offers all-round protection against damages to the vehicle. In case of theft or accidents, the policy reimburses for repair or replacement expenses. Additionally, it offers compensation in case of damages to third parties.

Another important part of a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy is zero depreciation cover. In case of damage, the insurance provider reimburses the entire cost of the vehicle, including the original purchase price, minus depreciation.

There are many options available for a comprehensive bike insurance policy. However, you need to consider your needs before choosing a policy.

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