The Nissan Horizon isn’t a car that was ever in question as far as utility goes. And the new Nissan Frontier is no exception, providing good old-fashioned performance with great looks, all while satisfying the demands of driving a truck. But is the new Nissan Frontier different from any other truck on the market? Let’s find out.

Let’s start with the body styling. On the exterior of the Nissan Horizon, you have a two door coupe that is definitely truckier looking. In terms of size and dimensions, the front of the vehicle is only marginally larger than the rear end. From the side it seems to be more boxy than a sedan, but it is not overly so and is much more pleasing to the eye. That being said, the overall size is not very big, so cargo space is not going to be an issue unless you plan to carry a lot of cargo.

From the inside, the layout of the Nissan Horizon offers a little bit more flair. The dash is somewhat angular, and the design is similar to many competing makes of vehicles in the midsize segment. While not the most exciting thing about the inside, the materials are up to snuff. The seats are very plush, with a nice, deep bassline emanating from the back of the seats. The controls are very comfortable, with the placement of the buttons being easily accessible and convenient.

Moving on to the potential for using this vehicle in the real world, there are many pluses. The most obvious would be the availability of a large array of options for the design conscious customer. While Nissan has not developed a supercomputer or something of the sort, the interface is clean and simple enough that the design team at Nissan did include such things as apple carplay and android auto compatibility.

The biggest problem that many owners have had with the Nissan Horizon is the lack of power. The truck has been primarily manufactured in the United States, so it would make sense that it would not come with an electric drive system. This would leave the buyer in a position of being stuck with a manual transmission, which is the way the company plans to sell the vehicle when it goes into production for the first time. Thankfully, the new Nissan Frontier features four wheel drive that is very powerful and handles well despite its modest horsepower output. In fact, the truck can handle moderate speeds up to forty miles per hour without breaking down or slowing down too much.

Despite its modest power output, the Nissan Frontier has plenty of personality. If you like a truck with an aggressive stance, then this truck should be your next choice. The aggressive nature of the truck helps to contribute to the overall fuel economy rating, which sits at an impressive twenty-three mpg. Of course, the lack of power does affect your gas mileage, but even so the overall impact is very positive.

One thing you will notice immediately about the Nissan Frontier is the presence of some powerful features. For example, the truck features two-wheel drive which allows it to climb curbs and negotiate uneven or rocky terrain. Additionally, the two-wheel drive also makes the Nissan Frontier slightly more maneuverable, even on surfaces that are not designed for truck traction. This means that the Nissan Frontier can go over obstacles without too much trouble.

One of the best features found on the Nissan Frontier is its powerful four-wheel steering system. The steering is powered by a powerful torque converter that allows the truck to gain a stronger grip on the road as well as better control when maneuvering on the road. To assist drivers with getting the best performance out of their trucks, the Nissan Frontier includes a powerful seven-stage tachometer called TRD. This tachometer allows you to view all the performance data including torque, speed, engine power, horsepower, torque and horsepower at any given moment during your driving experience. The TRD also includes a functional backup camera as well as Nissan’s i-Pace autonomous quality system.