The Honda Ridgeline is a powerful full-sized pickup truck that is easy to drive and easy to operate. Many people are intimidated by this truck as they are not sure if it will suit their needs. The Ridgeline has been built for utility, hauling big loads, hauling products and almost everything in between. This versatile truck has been designed for many types of jobs from landscaping to racing. The truck is a great all-around vehicle. Here are some of the highlights.

The paint is a nice hue with silver highlights. There is a bit of an orange undertone to the paint but overall it’s a decent color. Some say that the Ridgeline looks like it has been lifted right out of a monster truck picture. The Ford Focus trim is available on this truck also. There is a very distinct line between the Focus trim and the standard trim on the Honda Ridgeline.

If you take a look at the hood on the Ridgeline, you’ll find that it’s got a new hood design with dual exhaust pipes. That’s just one of the changes that have been made to this pickup truck. Other changes include new fender flares, new side skirts, a longer slot in the bed, front and rear bumpers that now extend well past the tailgate and a new fiberglass body kit that replaces the old plastic kit. It’s pretty impressive how quickly the Honda Ridgeline can change from truck to truck when that important addition is taken off.

When looking at the ride, you might think that the only thing that could make the pickup truck better is some beefier rims. However, the folks over at Honda have put together a great new independent suspension package that makes this powerful little truck even more fun to drive. You’ll notice that the Honda Ridgeline will now feel more confident as it rolls down the road, thanks to its independently adjustable shocks and struts.

In case you didn’t know, the new Ridgeline has a lot more personality than its predecessor. No longer do you have to wonder what is under that soft top. Thanks to its unibody pickup bed, the Honda Ridgeline now has side curtains that extend all the way past the tailgate area. This gives you a great view of the back seat while keeping cold air out of your face. And you can still enjoy the big wheel by turning your head to one side to see the big truck rolling slowly down the road.

One great feature on this pickup truck is the large tire cover you get for your truck. The daytime to nighttime folding tires on this truck provide incredible handling and steering response, with a sense of lightness under your tires. Its off-road clearance has been increased from three inches to six inches, so you can take your pickup on nearly any terrain without problems. The towing capacity of the Ridgeline is also five tons, so you can carry an unexpected load with ease.

The second part of the exterior design of the Honda Ridgeline is its color. As we mentioned before, the new Ridgeline has a new, aggressive color scheme that mixes off-white with dark red. That color combination is the same as used on Honda’s redesigned CRX which is the company’s answer to the compact car concept. The new Ridgeline also has a low-gloss paint job that makes it easy to clean, making it suitable for any weather. You can also expect it to last longer than its predecessors, with its improved strength and materials.

For all its power and performance capabilities, the new Honda Ridgeline also has another big advantage over its older brother, the Ford Ranger, and other trucks: It can be used as a pickup truck. It has powerful truck bed capacity, so you can easily carry your equipment and load up with your own load of goods. Since it has an off-road bed design, however, you may not be able to tow anything heavy, although you can use attachments like dollies. It’s not recommended to use the Ridgeline as a car-style truck, as its ride is too firm for a family sedan. On the other hand, the off-road capabilities of the Ridgeline allow it to function as a suitable second-hand pickup for anyone looking for a truck that’s both truck and car-like.